While all slot results come down to random chance, certain reel symbols statistically pay more than others. Some icons return small rewards frequently, while others bring massive jackpots rarely. To maximize potential wins, get familiar with the symbols offering the top payouts.

Wild symbols

Wild icons are the most powerful symbol in online slots. They substitute for any other symbol when completing winning combinations. Wilds significantly increase hit frequency and payouts by making it easier to form combinations. They effectively act as multiple symbols in one. Some slots have expanded or stacked wilds that can cover entire reels during a spin and lead to huge wins.

Scatter symbols              

Scatters are another top-paying symbol that often triggers bonus games. What makes scatters unique is they pay out wherever they land on reels rather than requiring payline patterns. Even two or three scattered scatters return cash prizes and gain free spins. When scatters appear, you know lucrative rewards are coming in some form.

High card symbols

In themed slots, the top-paying standard symbols usually appear on high-playing cards like K, Q, J, 10, and 9 instead of the theme images. These regal-looking characters award sizeable payouts for 3, 4, or 5 of a kind. The royal figures have retained their lucrative powers in modern video slots. Landing them in winning formations brings nice mid-sized rewards.

Number 7 Symbols

The number 7 retains its lucky connotations in many online slots. Sevens typically deliver sizable payouts for just two or three matching symbols, unlike most icons that require three or more. Having 7s on the reels boosts hit frequency. You may find games where different colored sevens increase rewards further, making them extremely desirable.

Double/triple symbols

Some slots include symbols with multipliers attached, such as 2X and 3X values. These appear like normal icons and payout double or triple the normal amount when substituting in wins. Their multiplying power makes any combination they help form way more valuable. Multiplier bonuses also be triggered, causing all payouts to be boosted temporarily.

Logo Symbols

On branded slots based on movies, TV shows, bands, or products, the game logo acts as the highest-paying regular symbol. It essentially replaces the classic high card symbols. Seeing logos line up pays off big for super fans playing slots featuring their favorite entertainment brands. Multiple logos spanning a payline often award the game’s top fixed jackpot.

Free spin symbols

These special symbols exist solely to unlock scatter pays and trigger free spin rounds. Free spin icons usually display the words “Free Spins” or depict items that correlate with the bonus game. While they have no fixed pay value alone, free spin symbols lead to extended gameplay and added payouts, making them extremely lucrative.

Progressive symbols

Some slot แจกเครดิต ทดลองเล่นฟรี 100 ถอนได้ feature symbols that pay progressive jackpots, which continually grow over time. Major progressives award life-changing multimillion-dollar windfalls. Minor and mini progressives have smaller pooled prizes but are still in the range of thousands or tens of thousands. Even one progressive symbol during a spin offers the chance at a monumental payout.