The mechanical slot was invented in the 1890’s as machine with a number of reels showing different symbols, the player made a wager, the reels spun and if the same symbol appeared on the same line the player wins. Today’s online slots are essentially the same but the continuous flood of advertising and enormous amount of online casino websites can be confusing for the first-time player looking for somewhere to play. I’d like to give you some information on the basics of online slot gaming and give you some advice on what type of site will suit your playing style and how to keep your money safe.

How Do Online Slots Work?

All online slots use what’s called a random number generator or RNG to produce winning spins, the RNG uses numbers between zero and four billion. The randomised numbers translate to unpredictable pay lines on the slots reels that determine how often you win or lose. The RNG output produces ensures every player has a chance of winning the top prize on very spin even if the last spin was also a big pay out. Most online slots use RNG’s that are regulated and audited by the online gaming authorities, always use a site that conforms to these regulations.

Find The Right Game for You

Whether it’s a well know site like or a less well-known site like สล็อต xo 88 their games are governed by the same two concepts which are called return to player or RTP and variance. Understanding them is important as it will factor into what type of online slot game you might choose to play, their defininions are as follows –

  • Return to player (RTP) – this is the percentage of money returned to players after specificant amount of time on a specific game, Each game can differ and most websites will have this information available to view, the higher the RTP the better.
  • Variance – this is also known as volitility and represents how often a player wins, games with low variance offer frequent small wins whereas online slots with high variance produce rarer large wins.

It all depends on what  you want from online gaming, you should always be playing for fun and if you’re happy with small and often wins then low volitility games are for you, if you’rd rather chase the large win then it’s games with higher variance. Always look to play games with the highest RTP.

Are Online Slots Safe For My Money

Almost all online slots websites use the same modern encryption software utilised by banks, this protection means your money is as safe as it can be today. When choosing your online slot game always use websites that offer this facility, here’s some other great tips when playing online slots –

  • Always for after and manage your bankroll during play.
  • Use bonuses and free spins to maximise your chances.
  • Choose reputable casino sites with proper withdrawing facilities.
  • Play simpler games, sites will have fewer developing costs than more complicated games.
  • Take your time, it’s easy to lose track on fast paced slots.

I hope I’ve provided you with a good starting point on your online slots journey and you’re a bit more informed about what’s available. Use the internet for further research on the best games out there, there a superb amount of information readily available. Good Luck!